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Treat Mom this Mother's Day!

Kristy Vallee - Friday, May 06, 2016

It's Mother's Day weekend.  Make sure you take a break from shopping for your next home or real estate investment in Gwinnett to celebrate Mom. We have many great area events taking place to help you make this Mother’s Day extra special!

So, what do we recommend? 

Check out this list of Must-Do Mother's Day Brunches in Atlanta.  For moms who want to stay a little closer to home, we have a few events going on right here in the Gwinnett or Hall County areas!

Luciano's in Duluth is offering a special Mother's Day Brunch Buffet from 11am - 4pm and then a Mother's Day Dinner from 5pm - 9pm.  Make your reservations at www.lucianositaly.com

Sonesta Gwinnett Place Atlanta is hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday, May 8th from 11:30am-3:30pm. The brunch costs $34.95 per adult, $16.95 per child and is free for children under 4 years old. Each reservation includes brunch and beverages (coffee, tea, juice or soda) and each mother will receive a complimentary rose and truffles. A portion of the proceeds from each reservation will be donated to Rainbow Village. The Rainbow Village organization is a local nonprofit that provides transitional housing for homeless families with children.

Medieval Times - Treat Mom Like a Queen! Moms get in FREE with the purchase of a full price adult admission! Special Mother's Day Upgrade Package available (includes framed photo of Mom, "Royal Highness" sash, and champagne, mimosa or cider in logo souvenir glass). Valid 5/2/16 - 5/8/16 (*with full priced adult).

Lanier Islands invites families to celebrate mom with a feast fit for a queen: The Mother’s Day Brunch at the award-winning Legacy Lodge. Hosted in the Lodge ballrooms, the brunch will feature special creations by the Islands’ talented culinary team. One lucky mom will win a Massage and Facial at Tranquility – the Spa. Every mom who attends the brunch will receive a discount card for 10% off a Full Service Spa Treatment, 20% off discount card for Dinner at Sidney's – a fine dining restaurant inside the Lodge, and a ticket to LanierWorld – which opens for the summer season 5/21.

The Gwinnett Braves will be at home at Coolray Field this weekend and will play a Saturday Star Wars Night game (lots of characters and great photo ops - not to be missed) at 7:05 OR enjoy the day game on Sunday at 2:05.  For tickets, visit www.gwinnettbraves.com.

No matter how you celebrate, we hope all the Moms out there enjoy an extra special day!

Veterans Day Military Discounts

Kristy Vallee - Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In honor of all the Veterans who have served and who are proudly serving our country, we thank you.  We are also grateful to our friends and family who have made great sacrifices for our freedom. Happy Veteran’s Day to you all!

The following restaurants and retailers in Gwinnett and surrounding areas are offering discounts to Veterans and Military Servicemen:


Chili’s - Veterans and active military service members get a free entrée from a limited menu on November 11th.

Cracker Barrel – Veterans get a complimentary Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake dessert during lunch and dinner on November 11th.

Golden Corral – Golden Corral Restaurants’ Military Appreciation Night free dinner will be available on November 11th, from 5pm – 9pm,  Military retirees, veterans, active duty, National Guard and Reserves are all welcome.

Hooters – Veterans and active duty military get a free meal from a select menu at participating locations on November 11th.

Johnny Carino’s – Veterans and active duty military get a free meal with their choice of unlimited soup or salad from a Veterans Day Menu on November 11th.

O’Charley’s – Veterans and active duty service members get free pie on November 11th.

Olive Garden – On November 11, all veterans and current service members get a free meal from a limited menu.  Family members dining with them enjoy 10% off their meals.

On the Border – Veterans and active duty military can enjoy a free meal from the “Create Your Own Combo Menu” on November 11th.

Outback Steakhouse – All active and former service members receive a free Bloomin’ Onion and a beverage on November 11th.  Outback is also offering active and former service members 15% off their meals November 12th through December 31st.

Starbucks – Veterans, active duty service members and spouses get a free tall coffee on November 11th at participating locations.

Texas Roadhouse – Texas Roadhouse locations nationwide will offer veterans a free lunch on November 11th from 11:00am – 2:00pm.  Offer is good for active duty, retired or former U.S. Military.


Bed Bath and Beyond – Offering 20% off entire purchase in-store only through November 11th with military ID.

Dollar General – Active duty service members, veterans and their family get an 11% discount on qualifying purchases on November 11th.

Great Clips – On November 11th, customers who come in for a service can get a free haircut card to give to their favorite veteran.  Veterans can also receive a free haircut or get the free haircut card.  Haircuts are redeemable until December 31st.

Home Depot – Home Depot offers a 10% discount to all veterans on November 11th.  Home depot offers the 10% discount year round for active duty and retirees.

Lowe’s – All veterans receive a 10% discount on November 11.  The offer is available in stores only.

Publix – Veterans, military personnel and their families save 10% on groceries on November 11th.

Sport Clips – Participating locations are offering veterans and active duty service members free haircuts on November 11th.

Get Your Mind in the Gutter!

Kristy Vallee - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall is here, and soon will be the leaves.  We all love to look at the pretty colors, but eventually we have to rake up the mess.  If you have trees around your house, you may notice that the leaves or pine straw are beginning to fill up your gutters.  Clogged gutters can cause all kinds of problems for your home.  Did you know that clogged gutters can lead to damage to the interior of your rental property?  Who is responsible for cleaning out the gutters at a rental property? 

The Property Owner is responsible for the water transport system both inside and outside of the home.   You would not want your Tenant to work on the pipes at your property, nor would you want them to climb ladders in order to clean the gutters.   If your home has a problem with its plumbing, your tenant puts in a maintenance request to RMS Team.  With your approval, we will send a contractor to repair the plumbing.  The same theory can apply to gutter maintenance; however, you do not want to wait until that point to get your gutters serviced! 


Putting off cleaning your gutters can lead to a load of problems.  A few examples include:

Water damage: Properly functioning gutters direct water away from the structure of your home. But, clogged gutters can cause water to collect around your foundation and, as a result, seep into your basement.

Loosened gutters: The Association for Homeowners Across America says that the weight of water, twigs and other debris can loosen gutters and cause them to pull away from their attachments.

Ice dams: Even though we live in the South, it occasionally freezes during the winter, and your clogged gutters can cause ice dams. An ice dam occurs when water flows over the edges of a clogged gutter and then freezes, forcing water into your home. Home improvement expert Bob Vila warns that ice dams can become so heavy they can rip the gutter right off your home, resulting in costly repair bills.

Vermin: Clogged gutters can become an inviting home to carpenter ants, mosquitoes and even rodents. And, if these pests are living in your gutters, there's a chance they'll make their way into your home.

There are many benefits to having clean gutters.  First and foremost, it makes your rental look great to potential tenants!  It also prevents water from washing out around the foundation, prevents termites from being drawn to the moisture, and keeps mold and mildew from your walls.  Your downspouts and gutters won't overflow and drip off the edges, which cases rotten wood.


Regular gutter maintenance is important.  Your gutters should be serviced twice yearly, preferably in the Fall, right after the leaves have all made their way to the ground and the end of Spring, after the pollen is gone. The money that you spend getting this done is going to be significantly less than the amount you would spend to make repairs to the home’s structure damage caused by clogged gutters.  Gutter cleaning services will typically run between $100 for a one-story home to $250 for a larger two-story home.  For a quote or to schedule gutter cleaning services for your property, send an email to our Maintenance Manager at Alvina@rmsteam.com. 



Handling the Unauthorized Pet

Kristy Vallee - Thursday, September 10, 2015

It happens. It is frustrating, irritating, and even maddening. You place a tenant in the property and the rental agreement documents "no pets/animals." You counsel the tenants that this is a binding agreement. Then a vendor goes out to a property to repair something and reports back there is a man eating dog! Or there is a drive-by the property and a cat is spotted sitting in the window. A neighbor reports a dog that is continually barking. Generally, if a tenant moves in an unauthorized animal, the information comes out in some form or another. Now what is to be done?

The first step is to find out exactly what situation is occurring at the property. It could turn out that they are "temporarily" keeping an animal for friend or family. It's possible a stray wandered onto the property and they simply adopted it. They may have decided they wanted a dog or kitty for their children and just think they only have to pay more in a deposit. And, of course, it may be they deliberately planned to move in a pet from the beginning even though they knew the property owner would not accept one. Knowing the mindset of the tenant is a big key in figuring out what to do.

The next step may be one of the following.

A letter documenting the situation is sent notifying the tenant they have violated their rental agreement and they have to resolve the situation with their property management company and owner; they are required to contact us to meet to review the animal.

By telephone, we request a walk-through to see the condition of the property, see the animal in question, and discuss the violation of their agreement.

It is important to find out exactly what type of pet they have moved into the property. It could be something simple such as a gerbil or hamster. It could also be a snake, a parrot, a cat, a small dog, a large dog, etc. Whether it is small or large, any animal can cause damage and it could even be one that is illegal to keep in the residence, such as barnyard animals in residential housing. The zoning of the property determines what animals are allowed in the property as well as the preferences of the property owner.

It could be that it is a temporary problem, a pet that is suitable, or a situation where the unauthorized pet is simply unacceptable. This dictates what steps need to be taken and every situation is different. Here are some scenarios.

The situation IS temporary and after receiving a notice from their property manager, the tenant removes the pet. A follow-up walk-through confirms this.

The tenant, after notification from their property manager, removes the animal because they do not want to incur poor rental history or pay an increase to their deposit.

The tenant has chosen a reasonable pet, they are being responsible for its care, it has not affected the condition of the property, and it is acceptable to the property owner. In addition, they are willing to sign documentation with increased security deposit.

The pet is not an acceptable situation for whatever reason and a notice is sent to the tenant to remove the pet immediately.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website!

Web Admin - Friday, August 21, 2015

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! This product is the result of a lot of hard work done by our in-house marketing team and the awesome team at Property Manager Websites.

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about RMS Team’s services for the investor, homebuyer or seller and also to allow the visitor to browse information based on their own choice. The new website is interactive and gives better access to information about our Team, our Property Management Services, and the services we offer for Residential Real Estate Sales. Prospective clients can get an estimate of the value of their home in today’s market, schedule tours of our Available Homes, and apply to rent one of our properties. Our tenants are able to use our website to submit maintenance requests and our owners and tenants can access our online portal. Our current and prospective clients will find useful information about our services throughout our website.

Amongst the new features the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to foster improved communication with our clients. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, articles, blogs, newsletters and company announcements.

We hope you will find that our website has a fresh new look, is easy to use and is informative. Please send us your feedback: marla@rmsteam.com

Selling Your Home

Web Admin - Wednesday, August 05, 2015
In today’s market, where demand is outpacing supply in many regions of the country, pricing a house is one of the biggest challenges real estate professionals face. Sellers often want to price their home higher than recommended, and many agents go along with the idea to keep their clients happy. However, the best agents realize that telling the homeowner the truth is more important than getting the seller to like them.

There is no “later.” 
Sellers sometimes think, “If the home doesn’t sell for this price, I can always lower it later.” However, research proves that homes that experience a listing price reduction sit on the market longer, ultimately selling for less than similar homes.

John Knight, recipient of the University Distinguished Faculty Award from the Eberhardt School of Business at the University of the Pacific, actually did research on the cost (in both time and money) to a seller who priced high at the beginning and then lowered the their price. In his article, Listing Price, Time on Market and Ultimate Selling Price published in Real Estate Economics revealed:

“Homes that underwent a price revision sold for less, and the greater the revision, the lower the selling price. Also, the longer the home remains on the market, the lower its ultimate selling price.”

Additionally, the “I’ll lower the price later” approach can paint a negative image in buyers’ minds. Each time a price reduction occurs, buyers can naturally think, “Something must be wrong with that house.” Then when a buyer does make an offer, they low-ball the price because they see the seller as “highly motivated.” Pricing it right from the start eliminates these challenges.

Don’t build “negotiation room” into the price.
Many sellers say that they want to price their home high in order to have “negotiation room.” But, what this actually does is lower the number of potential buyers that see the house. And we know that limiting demand like this will negatively impact the sales price of the house.

Not sure about this? Think of it this way: when a buyer is looking for a home online (as they are doing more and more often), they put in their desired price range. If your seller is looking to sell their house for $400,000, but lists it at $425,000 to build in “negotiation room,” any potential buyers that search in the $350k-$400k range won’t even know your listing is available, let alone come see it!

A better strategy would be to price it properly from the beginning and bring in multiple offers. This forces these buyers to compete against each other for the “right” to purchase your house.

Look at it this way: if you only receive one offer, you are set up in an adversarial position against the prospective buyer. If, however, you have multiple offers, you have two or more buyers fighting to please you. Which will result in a better selling situation?

The Price is Right
Great pricing comes down to truly understanding the real estate dynamics in your neighborhood. Look for an agent that will take the time to simply and effectively explain what is happening in the housing market and how it applies to your home. You need an agent that will tell you what you need to know rather than what you want to hear. This will put you in the best possible position.

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