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Maintenance Request

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All maintenance requests are required to be reported in writing with the exception of emergency repairs. Please submit your request by clicking on the link above where you will be directed to log in to our Online Maintenance System. Using this system, you can communicate directly with your property manager and the contractor, upload photos or video of the issue and choose how you wish to be notified of contractor availability and scheduling through email or text. You can also send maintenance requests to us by regular mail or fax to 678-804-2443. Include your cell, work, and home phone numbers so our repair company can reach you to schedule the repair. Please be specific about the problem, i.e. model numbers for appliances, which bathroom has the problem, etc.

Our goal is to complete non-emergency repairs within 10 days of request, however, there may be delays due to ordering parts or contractor scheduling.

Please call the office if you are not notified by a repair company within 48 hours of your work request, not including weekends and Holidays. Contractors will not make repairs to a home where minors are present without an adult also present. Please remember that if you have pets, they need to be secured before a vendor enters the home to make repairs. Please be reminded not to hire contractors or do repairs on your own as you could be held responsible for the bill. All repairs must be completed by licensed and insured contractors and authorized by management.